V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit Review

Recently, the kind folks over at V2 Cigs sent me a bunch of their products in order to review here on southatlantic-cancer.org. Today I will be reviewing the V2 Cigs Ultimate, which retails for about $146 on the V2 Cigs website.

For the purposes of this V2 Cigs review, I will be reviewing the kit itself and not the e-liquid flavors. I will review the V2 Cig e-liquid flavors in a separate e-liquid review in order to focus on their taste and compare vapor production. Included in the V2 Cigs Ultimate kit were the following items:

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit Contents:

  • Standard V2 Starter Kit
  • 3rd V2 battery
  • 25 Vapor Cartridges (in your choice of Flavor and Strength)
  • Car Charger:
  • Metal Carry Case
  • Portable Charging Case
  • V2 Power-Cig

V2 Cigs Ultimate

Upon receiving the kit, I was looking forward to trying both the v2 Cigs Portable Charging Case alongside the V2 Power Cig. I have previously reviewed the Madvapes 510 PCC and I found it to be a great way to recharge batteries when I’m out for long periods of time. The device did have a few flaws however, so I was excited to try a different PCC design.

For those of you unfamiliar with PCCs, The V2 Cigs Portable Charging case is a case which contains a battery that recharges e-cigarette batteries that are plugged into them. In my experience, the V2 Cigs PCC was able to charge about 5-6 dead or almost dead batteries in about 2-3 hours depending on the size of the battery. I tend to carry two e-cigs with me at all times, so having one constantly being recharged is a nice thing. The PCC is very well thought out, and it can fit all types of V2 Cig batteries including both automatic and manual varieties. The design has you screw in the batteries, and this way they don’t come loose like they tend to do in the 510 PCC.

The V2 Power Cig was another product that I was excited to get to try. It is essentially a USB passthrough which you can connect to your PC and puff on your e-cigarette without needing to worry about battery charge levels. The Power Cig’s cord was securely attached to the system, and it has been sturdy during my three weeks of use. The cord itself is also nice, as it is compact yet can be stretched out as desired.

The batteries themselves are solid, and I have yet to have any of them fail on me. If they do, you can always return them to V2, as V2 cigs has a good return policy. From their site:

The V2 Lifetime Warranty is limited to a maximum of 5 replacements on any given order. The item must be defective (this is not an exchange system), and will be replaced with an equal item from current inventory.

The V2 Warranty can only be used within 90 days of your last cartridge or eliquid purchase. As long as you have purchased eLiquid or Cartridge products from V2 within the last 90-days, you may make full use of your warranty for the life of your V2 electronic product. Your V2 warranty will never expire.

My favorite battery was the regular sized manual steel battery. I found that it resembled a real cigarette in terms of size and feel, but it looked really nice as well! All the batteries created large amounts of vapor, but they all lasted for different lengths of time. In my experience, I found the batteries to last the following amounts of time:

  • V2 Standard Cig: 2 hrs of heavy vaping
  • V2 Shorty Cig: 3.5 hrs of heavy vaping
  • V2 Long Cig: 5 hrs of heavy vaping

Combined with the V2 PCC, the shorty and standard sized batteries lasted me comfortably for a day without having to wait for another e-cig to charge.

V2 Cigs use a cartomizer system, and I found the system to be well done. Out of the 15 carts that I have vaped, only one had low vapor production. Due to the content of the e-liquids, some flavors did have noticeably more vapor than others. However, all of them had a strong throat hit, which helps make the transition from analog cigarettes much easier.

Overall, The V2 Cigs Deluxe package is a great buy for heavy smokers who are looking for a complete e-cigarette package.

Stay tuned for the upcoming V2 Cigs e-liquid reviews this week!


About a month after receiving my V2 Cigs kit, my manual V2 stainless steel battery broke down. I was no longer able to press the button to activate the e-cigarette (it felt like it was jammed). Fortunately, V2 Cigs comes with a lifetime warranty on all product components. After speaking with a representative, I was sent a new battery which has been working much better. The lifetime warranty is valid for 90 days after the most recent purchase of V2 cig cartridges.

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