Quit Smoking using Cold Turkey

cold turkeyOne of the best ways for those who are fed up with cigarette smoking is quitting smoking cold turkey method. In this process, a person simply quits the smoking habit at once or immediately without the held of nicotine administrations of gums, pills, patches or drugs. If you are after of the best ways of quitting cigarettes, this is one of the most effective and also one of the most difficult and unpleasant. The success of the cold turkey process mostly depends on one’s desire to end the habit including the things you are doing for your body while the process is ongoing. There are some tips on the maximization of one’s chances in engaging a successful bout of cold turkey.

You must have as many exercises as it is possible. During the period of withdrawal, you will find times where the cravings begin overwhelming you. This means you can try some exercises towards distracting body and mind. There are studies that have depicted that together with a process such as quitting smoking cold turkey with intense exercises, the symptoms are combated effectively. This is because exercises have a way of releasing endorphins right into one’s system, with the temptation of smoking removed with going cold turkey made easier.

Another thing that must not be ignored is consumption of a well-balanced and healthy diet. Consuming well is another step one must engage in towards successfully enjoying the benefits that come with quitting the habit of smoking. The body has stored and built up different toxins for years that you have been engaging in smoking. To easily flush out these toxins, it is important to focus on a balanced-diet that will end up cleaning the entire breadth of the body. There are studies that have indicated the consumption of high levels of vegetables and raw fruits mostly those with a high amount of citric acid and vitamin C aid in helping to slash cravings experienced by many once they decide on quitting smoking cold turkey.

A major thing to help in perfecting the cold turkey method is getting a lot of support in the process of ending the habit. One of those hardest things on making a decision on quitting the smoking habit via cold turkey has that many folks hardly have a sufficient system in place before hand. In other words, make sure you have a lot of family members and friends rallying around you and in the process encouraging you to end the smoking habit and that way, chances of succeeding in the process will rise by around fifty or so percent. You can also join or find a support group on smoking cessation that is even much better since you will be able to interact with people almost going through the same thing.

It is also important to remember not each person who has decided on quitting smoking cold turkey ends up successful. To raise chances of success, try some nicotine replacement product in the process to boost your chances.

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