E Cigs Health Benefits

An electronic cigarette, or e-cig, is an electrical device simulating the act of smoking through puffing out inhaled vapor and has the sensation, appearance, and also the flavor (with or without nicotine) of tobacco smoke, without its odor or health risks. It is a very recent invention that is becoming increasingly popular for its help in recovering from addiction to tobacco. For people who are so much addicted to tobacco, this device can help to come out of the addiction as it is often difficult to suddenly quit the habit.

These are often referred to as e health cigarettes as they avoid the health risks of normal cigarettes. The device is based on use of heat (or in some cases, ultrasonics) for vaporizing a propylene glycol- or glycerin-based liquid into an aerosol mist, similar to the functioning of a nebulizer or humidifier. It is primarily designed to provide the same sensation as that of smoking thereby excluding the health risks caused by using tobacco.

Originally these e-health cigarettes were developed in China in 2003, later making their way into the US market and also now available in many countries around the world. When looking at the e-health cigarettes the main thing to look for is their long battery life is that you can use for a long time. You also need to find out if it is reusable that you can recharge again and again.

For someone who doesn’t know about e health cigarettes, there are many reviews for e cigarettes available on the internet which gives detailed information on the various brands available in the market, their price, user reviews, ranking of brands, etc. These reviews for e cigarettes also help us to choose the top e cigarettes by giving an account of the cost and benefits of each brand. These sites also display the comments of the users which would make it easy to assess the quality of these top e cigarettes. So you will be able to choose the right one.

Some e health cigarettes are designed to look like real cigarettes, cigars or pipes, while others resemble a pen or USB memory device. There is no real tobacco involved in e health cigarettes and also no smoke either. Instead, they do what is commonly called “vaping.” As users inhale the smoke, they take in nicotine-filled vapor and not real tobacco.

By isolating nicotine, e health cigarettes should carry far fewer chemical risks than regular ones, said Michael Siegel, a tobacco researcher at the Boston University.

e-cigarette benefits

Even though studies have deemed e health cigarettes to be safe, an FDA report showed high levels of carcinogens and toxic contaminants in them, that are determined to be worthy of concern. So without any regulation on e health cigarettes use, cartridges may happen to contain unknown chemicals that could end up being even more toxic than the actual tobacco smoke.

When from one side tobacco is harmful, from the other side there are positive effects too. It is said that Nicotine, which is made from the dried leaves of the tobacco plant, acts as a mild stimulant to the nervous system. Some benefits of tobacco include the increase of pulse rate and blood pressure occurring due to constricting of blood vessels, concentration, relaxation, reduction in anxiety levels, etc. Many young women are attracted to tobacco because it considerably increases the metabolism rate of the body and lowers appetite, which finally results in reduced intake of food.

However, research show that a long time constant use of tobacco actually makes the user very much dependent on nicotine. People who like the effects of nicotine get used to it which increases their desire for more intake of tobacco which destroys the benefits of tobacco. This dependence on nicotine is more of psychological than physical. Smokers get their mind set to the fact that they need tobacco to relieve their mind from stress and relax, reduce anxiety or anger and control their appetite, as they mainly use tobacco so often to come out of these problems. This makes their mind think that smoking can be the only way to be in control. Thus the dependence on tobacco begins for many people.

So as with any device this also has many harmful effects, so when being used as an alternative to cigars, excessive care should be taken by users not to get addicted to this device and also adequate studies are required to be carried out to find out the various chemicals used in e-cigs and the effects they can have on human health. It is also required to take control measures to avoid leaking of the cartridge that brings the chemicals in contact to human skin to further avoid the risks. With all these measures e health cigarettes can really be a boon than a bane to human.

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