Dangers of Smoking

Research during the past few years has revealed the dangers of smoking which include such things as cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat, tongue, nasal passages, pancreas, bladder, and kidneys.  In addition, other tobacco-caused diseases can include:  Burger’s Disease, allergies, osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, lymphomas, gangrene, infertility, and others.  It can even spread to the brain.  Unfortunately, this is not confined to the smoker, but can spread to innocent people, including children, via secondhand smoke.
There are many dangers for smoking and the survival rate for some of these diseases is very poor.  Pancreatic cancer, for example, only has a 5% survival rate.  The physical results of contacting a cancer of the mouth and throat make it impossible for the person to eat so they must be fed through a tube in the stomach, no longer able to enjoy an everyday meal.  When cancer spreads to the voice box, they are also no longer able to speak.  Cancer of the lungs makes it very painful to take a breath of air and often causes extreme coughing, which is also painful.

Many states and cities have banned smoking from public areas and buildings.  Businesses have banned smoking on their properties.  In the years, before these laws banning smoking, walking into a bar was like walking into a cloud because of the thick smoke.  Indian casinos, nowadays, do not have a ban on smoking in their establishment as they are considered in control of governing their own reservation.  However, even these casinos have areas of no smoking, and the smoking areas are well equipped with exhaust fans to pull out the smoke quickly.  Many other countries of the world do not have the United States laws, so smoking is apparent in many of them as they consider it a person’s personal choice.

dangers of smoking

A recent study held arguments which implied that smoking is related to mental illness and the argument against forcing people to stop smoking was that we are punishing the mentally ill; that trying to reduce smoking among the poor would be punishing those in poverty and so forth.  These arguments recently came up in a discussion about national health insurance and increasing the cost for those who smoke.  Unfortunately, since many of those who smoke are at the poverty level the argument was who would pay for it?  This section of the bill was dropped as there were so many arguments against it, including who would identify the smokers.

The dangers of smoking have been well-advertised through television, the media, and posted signs.  Many people feel there is danger in everything we do in normal life such as overeating, driving a car, walking down a crowded street, and so forth and put the dangers of smoking in the same category.  However, it boils down to the fact that there are some things we do because we have to and some things we do because we want to.  Smoking certainly falls into the latter category.  Because of public education on the subject it is believed there is no one who does not know the dangers of smoking and, if they choose to ignore these dangers, it is their choice to gamble with the odds.

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Quit Smoking using Cold Turkey

cold turkeyOne of the best ways for those who are fed up with cigarette smoking is quitting smoking cold turkey method. In this process, a person simply quits the smoking habit at once or immediately without the held of nicotine administrations of gums, pills, patches or drugs. If you are after of the best ways of quitting cigarettes, this is one of the most effective and also one of the most difficult and unpleasant. The success of the cold turkey process mostly depends on one’s desire to end the habit including the things you are doing for your body while the process is ongoing. There are some tips on the maximization of one’s chances in engaging a successful bout of cold turkey.

You must have as many exercises as it is possible. During the period of withdrawal, you will find times where the cravings begin overwhelming you. This means you can try some exercises towards distracting body and mind. There are studies that have depicted that together with a process such as quitting smoking cold turkey with intense exercises, the symptoms are combated effectively. This is because exercises have a way of releasing endorphins right into one’s system, with the temptation of smoking removed with going cold turkey made easier.

Another thing that must not be ignored is consumption of a well-balanced and healthy diet. Consuming well is another step one must engage in towards successfully enjoying the benefits that come with quitting the habit of smoking. The body has stored and built up different toxins for years that you have been engaging in smoking. To easily flush out these toxins, it is important to focus on a balanced-diet that will end up cleaning the entire breadth of the body. There are studies that have indicated the consumption of high levels of vegetables and raw fruits mostly those with a high amount of citric acid and vitamin C aid in helping to slash cravings experienced by many once they decide on quitting smoking cold turkey.

A major thing to help in perfecting the cold turkey method is getting a lot of support in the process of ending the habit. One of those hardest things on making a decision on quitting the smoking habit via cold turkey has that many folks hardly have a sufficient system in place before hand. In other words, make sure you have a lot of family members and friends rallying around you and in the process encouraging you to end the smoking habit and that way, chances of succeeding in the process will rise by around fifty or so percent. You can also join or find a support group on smoking cessation that is even much better since you will be able to interact with people almost going through the same thing.

It is also important to remember not each person who has decided on quitting smoking cold turkey ends up successful. To raise chances of success, try some nicotine replacement product in the process to boost your chances.

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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Learn how to quit smoking cigarettes and enjoy your life the way it is supposed to be!

Find out how to quit smoking cigarettes with our website on cigarettes. This website will explain to you all that you need to know about cigarettes, and show you how to quit smoking cigarettes with the right methods. We will take you by the hand and walk you through on how to quit smoking cigarettes. The first step is always the most difficult, but if your heart is willing, anything is accomplishable.

The most important to note is to learn what you are up against. When you know what you are up against, you can hope then better defeat the smoking addiction. Why is smoking cigarettes so hard to quit? The answer is found in the cigarette that you are holding on to. Nicotine is found in cigarettes, and when you smoke cigarettes, you smoke the nicotine.

What is nicotine?

It is a drug that is usually based on tobacco. However, it is very addictive and the moment you smoke nicotine, you will find it very difficult to put the cigarette down. The addiction is not in the cigarette, but rather, it is in the nicotine which flows through the smoker’s blood. The smoker then becomes dependent on the nicotine to think and react. This causes the smoker to become emotionally contracted to the nicotine, and he needs the nicotine to feel good. From a smoker’s point of view, nicotine can be compared to food.

quit smoking timeline

Quit Smoking Timeline

To better understand how to quit smoking cigarettes, you will want to know more about nicotine. Nicotine is like the mastermind for the addiction, where the cigarette acts as the physical presence. When you start smoking, you allow nicotine to channel down your body and into your blood stream. The nicotine then channels down into your lungs, and it is absorbed into your blood stream. This happens the moment you start taking your first puff, and the nicotine will end up within your body. It controls your entire body, such as your heart and your hormones. Lastly, it reaches your brain.

Still not sure if you want to quit smoking? If you were starting to feel afraid of nicotine and how it can harm your body, start learning how to quit smoking cigarettes with our guides. Do understand that nicotine makes smokers feel good for a temporary time, but the aftereffects are far worst. Nicotine helps the smoker forget about all unpleasant feelings for a temporary time. Just like drugs, the consequence of using nicotine can be devastating. Start learning how to quit smoking cigarettes and start enjoying your life.

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